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About Daniel Decor

Hello, my name is Allison Daniel. I am a local to Bascom, Ohio! As a 2022 bride, I learned that finding event decorations in our area was hard to come by. No one wants to travel hours for event decor when you can travel down the road, that's why I decided to make a local rental business. Daniel Decor has backdrops & miscellaneous items to rent out for all different events; bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, birthdays and more. Local in the areas; Tiffin, Bascom, Findlay, Fostoria, Carey, Upper Sandusky, Sycamore but open to all of Ohio!

With Daniel Decor, we ensure that you are getting affordable and dreamy rentals for your event! Renting has never been easier than with Daniel Decor. When you come to us seeking guidance, rest assured that you'll receive what you're looking for. And let's be honest: why buy when you can rent? At Daniel Decor, we work closely with you in selecting the right rental for your specific needs.


We are growing in selections and will be continuing to grow throughout the years to come. We invite you to call or message for a rental/rentals to secure your event day. 

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