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How do I rent items?
Message or email Daniel Decor the items you would like to rent out. Include the date of the event in the message. Daniel Decor will be in contact with you within the next 24 hours. 
When is pickup & drop off?
Pick up and Drop off is located in Bascom, OH. Pick up is the Thursday before the event, Drop off will be the Monday after the event.

Do candles come with the vases or votives?

Daniel Decor does not supply wax or LED candles for either vases or votives. Stores like Micheal's/Hobby Lobby has sales frequently for candles.

Do I need to make another deposit for add ons? 

Yes, add ons also require a 50% nonrefundable deposit to secure the added on items for that date. 

Why does Daniel Decor require 50% Deposit?
Daniel Decor requires a 50% nonrefundable deposit to secure your items, the remaining balance can be paid anytime but final payment is due a day of pickup prior to the event date.  Items cannot be handed over until payments are in full.

What if I damage items?

The event that you damage your rentals, Daniel Decor will charge a damage fee. The damage fee will be the full price of the item that was damaged. For example: if the Rental Item was $250, the damage fee will be $250.







How long do I have to make the deposit? 

The deposit has to be made within 3 days of the Invoice & Rental Agreement send out.  This means you have 3 days to send a deposit to secure your rental items for that date, this is the same for add ons. 


What is the Wax Candle Cleaning Policy?
Daniel Decor asks for all wax candles used in vases or votives to be cleaned before returning. A wax cleaning fee of $50 will be applied if vases/votives are returned with wax. In order to provided others with great quality, Daniel Decor ask all to be wax free to save time and effort for next clients.

How do I make payments?

Currently, Daniel Decor is accepting Venmo , Apple Pay, and Credit/Debit Card Payments. We add on a 3% transaction fee as we are getting charged also. 

A link will be sent with these options to be paid when invoice is sent.   

Daniel Decor's Venmo: @AllisonDaniel-DD

What is the Additional Cleaning Fee? 

When renting our Tablecloths: Round or Rectangle , we charge and additional $55.00 (per style)  cleaning fee . This ensures the tablecloths are clean/sanitized and fresh for next rental. 

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